Innovative And Unusual Roulette Game Variants

Online it looks like that at any casino provider, at least one game of these three classics is offered. Often the selection is much larger, but more on that in the next paragraph. Almost every online casino has Duitnow88 live games with real dealers on offer, but you will only find the French / European variant there. The selection is still very limited in mobile apps. So far, there has often only been one game in the European / French version; meanwhile, the game offers in the app are also expanded for table games, and so the American game can be found more and more often.

What Are The Different Names?

If you look at the casinos’ game offers, you will often find several games with different names such as French Roulette Supreme or European VIP Roulette. But what is it about these games and how do they differ?

It essentially describes additional properties of the gaming tables, especially when it comes to table limits and additional betting options such as neighbors or racetrack. There is no generally applicable rule for how each game should be called, and it looks slightly different from provider to provider.

Possible additions related to the table limit are often low stakes for particularly low stakes of less than $ 1 or VIP for particularly high stakes of up to $ 1000. Terms such as Pro, Premium, or Professional mostly revolve around additional application options such as the Racetrack already mentioned. Additional additives such as Supreme or Gold can indicate a graphically improved version. As I said: these terms are not generally applicable and can be interpreted and combined differently by each provider.

Other options are multiplayer. You can play together with other players at one table, and at common draw tables, the coup is automatically started with a time limit, so you cannot turn the wheel yourself with a click of the mouse.

In addition to all these small modifications that do not affect the game itself, thanks to computer technology, some games differ very clearly from the original. These can be based on a very different duitnow88 ewallet login of numbers, or instead, they can also be based on cards and bring additional bonus games.

One example is the Mini Roulette, which is played with only 13 numbers (from 0 to 12). This changes the possible uses, but also the payout rates or the overall mathematical profit expectation. Another example in this direction is card roulette (e.g., in the CasinoClub ). Here the entire game revolves around the 52 cards of a poker deck plus two jokers. Here too, there are different betting options and payout rates.

On the other hand, it gets crazier with Pinball Roulette (InterCasino). Here the winning number is not determined with a roulette wheel, but with a pinball machine. After winning in up to two additional bonus rounds, you can risk it again and multiply it in part.

There is also an additional bonus game for Marvel Roulette. There you will find the additional Marvel field of application on the tableau above zero. If you have placed a bet there and the ball falls into the Marvel compartment in the kettle, a kind of slot machine is started with which you can win up to 100 times the bet. Also, the Marvel Roulette, which can also be found in the Ladbrokes Casino, has integrated the four Marvel Jackpots that are already known from slot machines. The peculiarity: whether you win a jackpot does not depend on whether you win certain bets – every single spin can trigger a jackpot. As soon as the jackpot game has been triggered, you have already won; it is only up to you which of the four jackpots you win.…